Amy Jo Barkley welcomes Jim and Phyllis Null to The Well this week.  The Null's are the founders and Co-Directors of the Metanoia Center in Lockland, ...View Details

Nancy Knapp and AJ Barkley have a conversation about Nancy's journey with Freeset/Joyya. Appreciating the beauty and the grit, the profound and the pr...View Details

As a precursor the the Crestview IF Gathering, these three ladies ask: "If God is real, then what...?"

Time to Pray

In the Book of Acts we see the early church as a movement of believers empowered and led by the Holy Spirit, and prayer was (in many ways) the fuel us...View Details

Bold Faithfulness

In the midst of this super-charged climate in our country, God's people are more than ever called to live faithfully.   One of the things I keep heari...View Details

This week Shawn and Amy Jo discuss the concept of hope.  In particular they talk about what they're hopeful for, the source of this hope, and hope to ...View Details

In this podcast Shawn discusses Matthew 25 with his wife, Amy Jo.  Together they explore what it means to be watchful and active ministry during this ...View Details

It has been said: "You know how much you value something based on what you're willing to give up for it."  In these two parables Jesus teaches on the ...View Details

Shawn shares some of his thoughts regarding the voice of the church as it relates to the broader culture.  

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